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WASHINGTON STATE FFA BBQ Contest is back at Convention. 

The registration form is in your list serve email from Matt. This is a great opportunity for your chapter to enjoy competitive cooking and good food. 

Contact Matt Deebach.  


Mr. Carlson has a new email. 

Christopher R. Carlson

Executive Director

Washington Association of Agricultural Educators

P.O. Box 96

Stanwood, WA  98292



Silverback Advice

Some words of wisdom from some of our Silverbacks. 

I would make my young self understand that any time I get into a pissing match with a student, lose.  I used to think no matter what as the teacher “I win” it’s never that simple.  Be ye strong skilled and strong willed!

Create a document of my classes with links.   I Cant tell you how much time I've lost looking for a document the next time I teach it. 

also make 'how to' videos of thing that the student that missed can go look up and I wouldn't have to recreate a lesson.

If I could start over as a first year teacher… I would ask so many more questions, and learn to delegate sooner!

New teachers are way better prepared than we were when we came out almost 4 decades ago.  Much of we did when we came out we supposed to know already or use common sense to figure it out or the result of trial and error, a whole lot of error,  I asked a lot of questions and I would have asked many more of the teachers that were legend in the profession if I didn’t want to be a pest.

Project Highlight

My name is Jacob Juchmes. I am the Ag science shop teacher at Wenatchee High School

 My advanced shop class is working on a project for our school. They want to have a secure area outside the commons but not have it seem like a maximum security facility if you know what I mean. My students provided design samples for our administrators and they chose the design you see in the pictures. These students are using the Torchmate to create the design in sections, cut them out, and then weld the sections together to make the correct sized sheet. We have 11 to make and have 5 completed right now.

If you are working on a cool project and you want to submit it to the Owl Gazette let me know. I will be happy to post it here. Thank you for your submission Jacob.

Send your project pictures and information you want to me if you want to share what you are doing email: bellis@tonasket.wednet.edu